ShandsCair & GatorWhat is the application deadline?
The deadline for the 2023-2024 administrative fellowship is October 7, 2022.

If recommenders would like to send in their letter of recommendation themselves, is this allowed?
Yes, recommenders can send in a PDF version of their signed letter to: UFHealthAdminFellow@shands.ufl.edu. Please mention in your application email the number of letters we are to expect and from whom. You will receive a confirmation email that your application is complete once the remaining letters of recommendation are received.

What positions are being hired for the 2023-2024 program year?
UF Health Shands Hospital is hiring up to three (3) administrative fellows.

How long is the fellowship?Children's Hospital Lobby
The UF Health Shands Hospital administrative fellowship is a one year commitment.

Who is the preceptor for the program?
The program preceptors are Traci d’Auguste, COO and Anna Michelle Brandt, VP & Hospital Chief of Staff. Fellows have ample opportunity to interact and work with the entire executive team.

What level of salary and benefits are offered to the fellows?
Fellows are compensated at a competitive rate for their time at UF Health Shands Hospital. The same benefits offered to full time salaried employees of UF Health are available to fellows.

Are international visas sponsored for the UF Health Shands Hospital fellow program?
UF Health Shands Hospital does not sponsor international visas for the fellowship program.

Am I still eligible to apply even if I have not completed my graduate degree?ShandsCair
Applicants who are required to complete a residency/fellowship in order to graduate are still eligible to apply as long as all coursework has been completed.

Are MBAs and MPHs eligible to apply to the fellowship program?
Eligible applicants are graduates of a CAHME accredited MHA, MBA, or MPH program.

To whom should I address my letters of recommendation and cover letter?
All letters can be addressed to UF Health Selection Committee.

Do fellows typically stay within the UF Health Shands Hospital family after their fellowship is over?
See where past residents/fellows are now.